Mantall Electric Self-propelled Scissor Lift to provide you with a flexible mobility, operability.It is unique in carrying capacity and a wide platform that can bring more workers and tool set. Whether indoors or outdoors, can be easily used.
Mantall rigid adherence to manufactory, safe and test standards of the aerial work platforms.

Our products are certified to AS1418.10.

Standard Features:

•XE-N series working height is 6.5m (about 21 feet) and 8m (about 26 feet).
•The platform can outreach 0.9 m (about 3 feet), and the machine can be
2.52 m (about 8.26 feet)
•Compact design, can be easily passed single standard door and enter the
lift, and so on.
•The Min. lift capacity is 230kg (about 506pound), the Max. lift capacity
is 270kg(594pound).
•Proportional controls for lift and drive functions.
•Automatic 25 amp battery charger provides strong power for vehicle.
•Safe distance protection when the platform lowering down.(CE)
•Manual Emergency platform lowering valve, when there is no power, the machine
can be safety lower down.
•Emergency stop at both platform and ground controls.
•Drive speed interlock limits speed while elevated.
•Multiple disc brakes provide smooth deceleration.
•When there is no power, manual brake release function can move the machines
under the circumstances when there is no other forklift, lifting equipment
and so on.
•Pothole guards protect the machine don't tilting down when the machine moved
on the raised position.
•Non-marking tires make sure there is no damage and no marks on the ground.
•It has the 30% gradeability, and at the same time each machine equipped
tilt sensor alarm to make sure the user can use the machine correctly.
•Diagnostic system.

Options Features:

.Motion alarm
.Platform swing gate
.Air line to platform
.Dual flashing beacon
.Maintenance-free battery
.Platform work lights
.Foldable platform
.Key-type lock sliding door
.Anti-collision system
.Top limit protection auto-stop device





Working height max(m)


Platform height max(m)




Lifting capacity(kg)


Lifting capacity(kg)(Extended platform)


Weight(kg)ANSI/CSA Standard

CE/AUS Standdartd



Platform size(L×W×H)m


The length of platform extended(m)


Skirting board height(m)


Stowed size(L×W)m


Stowed height(m)Fixed Platform 1.98 
Stowed height(m) 2.13
Length of the machine with platform extended(m) 2.75
Height of the machine with platform folded(m) 1.78 
 Wheelbase(m) 1.32 
Length of the machine with platform extended(m) 2.75
Hydraulic tank capacity(L) 15
Gradeability 25% 
Ground clearance(m) 0.06 
 Pothole protection board ground clearance(m)(down) 0.02 
Inside rotation radius(m)
Outside turning radius(m) 1.56 
Load number max
Raised time/Lowering time(s) 16/23

Traction speed(km/h)

Safe speed(km/h)  0.7
Vertical tilt° ANSI CSA 3
Lateral tilt°ANSI CSA 2
                  CE/AUS 1.5
Power source 4X6V ; 225Ah
Tire size(mm) 356X114X254
Drive Model  Hydraulic Drive/Electric Drive