GS 1932

SCISSOR LIFTS are used for application where more workspace and more lifting capacity are required. They are designed to provide larger platform work areas and generally allow for heavier loads than boom lifts. Scissor lifts may be manoeuvred in a manner similar to boom lifts, but the platform may be used only vertically, except for standard roll-out deck extensions that extend horizontally.

We have scissor lifts available in various widths and platform heights. Electric scissors are best suited to working on smooth and level surfaces such as concrete floors.

GS 1932



Platform Height

5.80 m

Working Height

7.80 m

Stowed Height

2.00 m

Stowed Height Folded

1.76 m

Stowed Width

0.81 m

Stowed Length

1.82 m

Platform Size

1.62 m x 0.74 m

Platform Extension

2.54 m

Platform Capacity

227 kg


1,503 kg

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