Mantall AMP portable aerial work platforms safely reach working heights of up to 14m. The unique mast design gives the user a safe environment and easy conveyance. Mantall can provide models up to 12m which roll easily through standard doorways without being titled back.

Platform Height08.00 m
Working Height10.00 m
Lift Capacity159 kg
Basket Size069 m * 0.68 m
Stowed Height1.97 m
Stowed Width0.74 m
Stowed Length1.36 m
Outrigger footprint (I*K)1.77 m * 1.93 m
Wall access front/side (H/G)0.18/0.45 m
Power Source (AC/DC)220V/110V/12V
Weights (AC/DC)355kg/395kg

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March 19, 2020